Currency Forecast

Daily Forecast ( Date: 29-11-2022)

Dollar Index is strengthening is ngativr for USD INR and Crude Oil below $81.00 handl is positive for USD INR. Resistance at 82 and support come in near the 81.40 zone.

Weekly Forecast (28-11-2022 to 02-12-2022)

Indian Rupee looks to trade in a range 81-82 with a limited downward bias. Limited because, trade deficit still remains north of $25 billion. Periodically, we may rupee to appreciate on good news like lower oil but higher deficit may put a floor. Expected range for the Week : 81-82

Monthly Forecast (NOVEMBER 2022)

Range for November Month can be 79-81.75. Gold breaking out is a good sign for EM currencies .The higher Gold goes, the more power to the Rupee.

End of the Day Analysis

End of the day Forecast will be available soon.


Currency forecasts are based on technical and fundamental analysis and taken from some trusted sources. IBR Live does not make its on forecasts. Forecasts may change frequently based on present facts and future events and may differ from actual prices. One should not fully rely on the above forecasts while making any financial decision. IBR live takes no responsibility on making any financial decisions based on the above forecasts.