Daily Forecast ( Date: 26-05-2023)

The support and resistance points for today are 82.64 and 82.94 Indian Rupees respectively.

The following factors could impact the USD/INR exchange rate today:

The US Federal Reserve interest rate decision

The release of US economic data

The political situation in India

The global economic outlook

Weekly Forecast (22-05-2023 to 26-05-2023)

The USD/INR exchange rate is expected to trade in a range of 82.50 to 82.80 during the current week. The Indian rupee is expected to remain under pressure due to a number of factors, including rising inflation, widening trade deficit, and concerns about the global economic slowdown. However, the rupee could find some support from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) intervention in the foreign exchange market.

Monthly Forecast (May 2023)

The forecast for USD/INR for the month of May 2023 is mixed. Some analysts believe that the currency pair will continue to weaken, while others believe that it will strengthen.

The broad range for the month of May for USD/INR pair is between 81.93 and 82.64


Currency forecasts are based on technical and fundamental analysis and taken from some trusted sources. IBR Live does not make its on forecasts. Forecasts may change frequently based on present facts and future events and may differ from actual prices. One should not fully rely on the above forecasts while making any financial decision. IBR live takes no responsibility on making any financial decisions based on the above forecasts.