Exporter or Importer?

Paying Heavy Exchange Margin on currency conversion?

If Yes, then you are at right place to put hold on your increasing financial cost

What Fxpress offers You!

  • Live Interbank Exchange Rates – Real time exchange rates changing in seconds to give you accurate information. You can view MID Market rates, BID & Ask Rates, Days High & Low values. Get better rate for your currency by taking timely decision and negotiation with your bank.
  • Cash Tom Spot Rates – Rates are available for all Cash Tom & Spot values. Take decision to convert your currency on whatever rate you feel better.
  • Forward Rates – Month wise forward Rates and even Broken date forward rates are available to display. Take a view of any specific date for forward rates before booking the forward contract. Get right premium for your currency.
  • Currency Forecast – Forecasts are available on technical & fundamental analysis. Predict your currency rates and act accordingly.
  • Historical Rates – Historical rates are available day wise, week wise and month wise. Custom range can also be selected. Helps you in determining currency rate on a particular day.
  • Forward Contract Management: Manage all you forward contracts in user database. Make entries and save the data for future reference. Get profit and loss calculation on all your running forward contract bookings.

You can save thousands of rupees in a single transaction just by taking right decision and negotiation.

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