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Why Choose
Rate Alerts?

Convenience and Time-Saving

Instead of continuously monitoring the currency market, customers can rely on rate alerts to notify them when rates match their desired criteria, saving time and effort.

Real-Time Monitoring

Rate alerts enable customers to monitor foreign exchange rates in real-time, ensuring they stay informed about market fluctuations and make timely decisions

Convenience and Time-Saving

Rate alerts prevent customers from missing out on ideal exchange rate windows, which could save them money and enhance their overall trading performance.

Minimizing loss on forward cancellation

1Setting rate alert can benefit you to cancel the forward contract with maximum profit or at minimum loss.

Maximize Profit Margins

By receiving timely rate alerts, customers can seize favorable exchange rate opportunities to maximize their profit margins on international transactions.

Minimize Currency Risk

Rate alerts help customers mitigate currency risk by allowing them to act swiftly when rates are in their favor or to implement hedging strategies when rates are volatile.

What our customers say?

"Being in the export business means I need to watch how money values change. IBRive's alert service is a game-changer. I can set the money value I want and get quick messages on my phone when it's right. This helps me make smart choices, so my exports stay profitable."

Export Business Owner
Mitlesh P.

"I bring stuff from other countries, and money value shifts can mess up costs. IBRive's alert feature is a big help. I tell it when money is good for me, and it texts me on WhatsApp when it happens. This lets me buy things at the best money value and keep my business strong."

Import Business Owner
Ritesh Kathpal

"Running a small business means every cent matters. IBRive's alert feature has been a lifesaver. I can lock in rates that work for me and get quick messages on WhatsApp. This helps me stay in control and keep my business going strong."

Small Business Owner
Jaswinder Singh.

"I deal with clients from other countries, and money values can change our deals. IBRive's alert service makes it easier. I can stay updated and make sure I do business at the right time. It helps me keep my customers happy and my business growing."

International Supplier
Sameer paswan.

"Making things and selling them worldwide needs careful money planning. IBRive's alert feature makes this simpler. We can plan when to convert money and save on costs. It helps us make great products and keep our business strong."

Manufacturing Company Owner
Robert G.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Set Up Rate Alerts?

Setting up rate alerts is quick and easy. Simply register for our service, select your preferred currency pair, specify your desired rate, and leave the rest to us.

How can I sign up for rate alerts?

Stay informed with rate alerts delivered straight to your phone via SMS. You can also monitor the status of your alerts conveniently through our website.

What is the price?

It Comes with the benefits of FXpress Plans, to avail of the rate alert service you need to Subscribe any of the FXPress plans.

How can I cancel or change my rate alerts?

Modifying or cancelling rate alerts is hassle-free. Access your account on our website to make changes as needed. Our dedicated support team is also available via email or phone to assist you if required.

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