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by | Feb 16, 2024

Open GIC Account IBRLIVE

Are you planning to study in Canada?

We have fantastic news for you! ICICI Bank Canada and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) have joined forces to provide an unparalleled banking experience tailored to the needs of international students. By opening a student GIC account with ICICI Bank Canada and linking it to an RBC account, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and offers that will make your financial journey in Canada effortless and rewarding.

RBC Student Banking Features: Get More with Your Student Account

When you open a student account with RBC, you unlock a range of exclusive features designed to meet your banking needs. Here’s a glimpse of the benefits you can enjoy:

  1. Up to CAD 2,000 Credit Card Limit: Even without a credit history, you can get an RBC credit card with a limit of up to CAD 2,000 when you bank with RBC.
  2. RBC Mobile App: Seamlessly manage your finances with the RBC Mobile app, which offers digital tools to help you make smart money decisions. Enjoy features like virtual Visa Debit for secure online banking, the convenience of “Tap & Pay” with your mobile device, free monthly statements, and online/mobile banking.
  3. Extensive Branch and ATM Network: Access over 1,200 branches and 4,200+ ATMs across Canada, ensuring convenient banking wherever you are.

CAD 50 Cashback Offer: Make the Most of Your Student GIC Account

We’re excited to share an additional benefit! When you open a student account with ICICI Bank through IBRLive, you’ll also receive CAD 50 cashback instantly. This cashback can be a great boost to your finances as you embark on your educational journey in Canada.

ICICI Bank Canada Advantage: Easy and Convenient Student GIC Account

Students from India can benefit from several benefits from ICICI Bank Canada. Here are some good reasons to open a student GIC account with ICICI Bank Canada:

  1. Simple and Quick Account Setup: Apply from the convenience of your home to promptly open a fee-free account. The application process is convenient and easy to use online.
  2. Low Processing Fees: At CAD 150, ICICI Bank Canada has one of the lowest fees for processing, ensuring affordable account opening.
  3. Fastest GIC Issuance: ICICI Bank Canada has an impressive turnaround time for GIC issuance, ranging from 3 hours to 1 working day, once your account is funded.
  4. Convenient Refund Process: In case of visa rejection or other reasons, ICICI Bank Canada provides a convenient online refund process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Student GIC Account

To help you get started with the ICICI Bank Canada Student GIC Program, follow these simple steps:

  1. Step 1 (in India): Start by completing the ICICI Bank Canada application form online. Provide your passport and proof of enrollment for verification. Upon submission, you’ll instantly receive an account number. Do not forget to fulfill the referral information given below to claim your $50 cash back and share the screenshot at For any help and query, you may call us at 9991622344. Please note that this cashback is provided by IBRLIVE INDIA PVT LTD and not by ICICI Bank.
  1. Step 2 (in India): Fund your account through a wire transfer with a minimum deposit of CAD 10,175. This includes CAD 10,000 for your Student Account, CAD 150 for the account processing fee, and CAD 25 for any applicable bank charges.
  2. Step 3 (Upon arrival in Canada): Activate your account with RBC to access your funds in Canada. Download the ‘ICICI Bank Canada SPP’ app and complete the activation form, including your new Canadian phone number and address. Select the activation through the RBC option and upload your passport and study permit. RBC will send you a confirmation email with instructions to meet an RBC Advisor and open your RBC account.

Remember to complete the online activation form before visiting a participating RBC branch. Bring your passport, study permit, and permanent account number (PAN) to the appointment.

Dedicated Support for Students

We understand that you may have questions throughout the process. That’s why ICICI Bank Canada has a dedicated team of Relationship Managers based in India ready to assist you. They will address your queries and ensure a smooth experience from start to finish.

Open Your Student GIC Account Today!

Open a student GIC account with ICICI Bank Canada and link it to an RBC account to get your academic career in Canada off to a good start. Take advantage of the effortless banking experience, special deals, and committed support offered by these two reliable companies. Visit our web page or get in touch with our specialized email support line for students for additional details and to get started.

Disclaimer: This statement is subject to the terms and conditions of the partnership between ICICI Bank Canada and RBC. Please visit each organization’s website for detailed information and qualifying requirements. This blog post’s information was correct when it was written, but it could have changed since then.

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