PayMyTuition – Is PayMyTuition cheaper for sending college fees abroad?

by | Feb 21, 2024


The MTFX Group of Companies, a top supplier of technologically advanced worldwide payment solutions, offers PayMyTuition, which provides cutting-edge solutions with next-generation payment technology to several industry verticals as a dependable partner for more than 25 years, including education, multinational organisations, banks, law firms, and travel agencies.

Students may use PayMyTuition to pay for tuition and other costs in their currency, saving thousands of dollars in transfer and currency exchange fees. The cost savings for each payment might reach thousands of dollars.

PayMyTuition guarantees the lowest pricing. They specialize in transferring money at a lower cost than the bank and their rivals.

PayMyTuition offers excellent services in many languages via a variety of contact methods, including call, mail, 24/7 live chat, and Skype, in addition to saving you money.


In this section we will cover:

  • How to create an Account in PayMyTuition?
  • What are the steps for paying university fees via PayMyTuition?
  • From where to find the payment receipt?
  • Which payment options does PayMyTuition accept?
  • What if any Country is not showing in the list?
  • What if any institute is not listed?
  • How to get assistance for generating instructions and making the payment through PayMyTuition?



  • How to create an Account in PayMyTuition?

Step1: Visit

Step 2: You need to add your personal information using a strong password.

Step 3: Accept all terms and conditions

Step 4: Your final step will be “Create your account”.


  • What are the steps for paying my university via PayMyTuition?


– From the dropdown menu, choose your institution.

– Choose the nation from which you are sending the payment and enter the amount you wish to send to your institution.

– Choose your desired payment method from a list of available ones in your local currency, including domestic and international bank transfers, credit card purchases, bill payments, e-transfers, and e-wallet transactions.

– You will then be requested to either sign up or go into your PayMyTuition account. If you’re using PayMyTuition for the first time, getting started is quick, easy, and cost-free.

(After Creating an account,)

– A page with instructions for submitting money to PayMytuition will now appear. Download the following instructions to pay money to PayMyTuition through bank transfer online or in person at your bank.

– Track your payments in real-time using your web dashboard once you’ve sent your money.

– You can choose to complete your transaction, request a longer payment deadline, or, if necessary, cancel your payment, depending on your payment option.

– Every step of the way, PayMyTuition will send you emails or SMS notifications to let you know the status of your payments.

– Your payment has already started, that’s all!


  • From where to find the payment receipt?

You may get a transaction receipt from PayMyTuition by clicking the download button in the sections of your “Payments Center” dashboard for pending or delivered payments. The transaction receipt is used as your institution’s proof of payment.


  • Which payment options does PayMyTuition accept?

To best meet your needs, PayMyTuition supports a wide range of payment methods, including credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, e-wallets, and other online payment choices.


*Please be aware that payment options may differ according to where you are situated.


The available cards will be shown if you choose to pay for your transfer using a credit or debit card. You will be capable of paying by card straight on their website after creating your payment request. Other online payment options that you could utilise follow a similar procedure.

After the payment request procedure, detailed payment instructions comprising your account information will be given to you if you want to utilise the bank transfer option. You will then be able to start your transfer in person at your bank or via your online banking system.


*Please be aware that the transfer from your bank must be started using the specified payment instructions.


  • What if any Country is not showing in the list?

Due to limits and rules put in place by the government, some nations are not available in their drop-down menus. If any nation is not included in the drop-down menu, it is because it has been sanctioned.


To find out if there are any other options accessible to you for paying your tuition, they advise students to get in touch with their educational institution immediately. 


  • What if any institute is not listed?

Some universities prefer to direct payers through their specific student portal to complete transfers, thus if you are wanting to make a payment using PayMyTuition or an institution has requested that you do so, you will not find them listed within the institution choice list. Please get in touch with your institution if PayMyTuition is featured on its website but not on theirs. They will give you the appropriate link and guidance to begin your payment.

  • How to get assistance for generating instructions and making the payment through PayMyTuition?

IBRLIVE INDIA PVT LTD is one of the most trusted organisations in Panipat, Haryana which helps students generate payment instructions and make the final payment on a low exchange margin. You can simply visit the website and call them directly for assistance.

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